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One step inside any one of Innovative Women’s HealthCare Solutions’ offices and you will understand what makes it unique. Described as “warm, spa like, boutique, and not your average doctor’s office” have all been used to describe the ambience. From the warm paint colors, textured wall coverings, warm table covers,extravagant restrooms, and aromatherapy to the different genres of music, you will know that the experience you are about to receive has been carefully choreographed and the extra emphasis on service, intentional.

Although Innovative Women’s HealthCare Solutions was founded in 2012, Dr Miller-Thrasher engineered Innovative’s look, feel and ambience from over 25 years of practice: knowing what she likes, what her patients prefer, and most importantly, what they disliked about their doctor’s offices. She allows unprecedented access, having many of her patients on her personal phone and allowing many of them to contact her directly.  She often uses the phrase, concierge medicine without the concierge pricing.  They(the patients) will tell you that when they are here, they feel at home-like they are amongst girlfriends.  No judgement, no intimidation, no pressure. And anything her patients have concerns about, she prefers to hear directly and address directly with her staff-Innovative Associates.

At Innovative Women’s HealthCare Solutions, 21st century technology and medical advances are presented alongside alternative methods as part of a balanced, holistic approach to commonly-occurring women’s health issues. Just an example, her passion for conservative fibroid care as opposed to the more common “operate and move on approach” practiced by many of her colleagues inspired her to launch The Fibroid and Reproductive Care Center, where surgical, nonsurgical, nutritional and alternative approaches are combined to not only treat, but to prevent growth and recurrence of fibroids. Every treatment option is put on the table for consideration, and when patients realize that you are there to help them choose the options that suits them best regardless of whether or not you are part of the final treatment plan, they know you genuinely care about their well being.  This is the feeling an Innovative patient comes away with after a visit or consultation with any of our providers, after discussing any of a number of reproductive concerns.

The team at Innovative Women’s meet constantly to look for different and “innovative” ways to deliver health care, and to bring patients more into the fold, i.e. engaging them more in the process of caring for themselves.  Taking into account the very busy lives women lead and trying to create a more patient-centered experience. One look at the list of offerings and the catch phrase “One-Stop Shop”, takes on new meaning

  • Multiple convenient locations – including Vinings (one light off interstate) and Midtown (one block from Civic Center Marta Station)
  • Telemedicine –  Telemedicine and videoconferencing  are available to its patients, both domestic and abroad and allows for remote consulting at a time and place of their choosing
  • Saturday office hours – Need I say more?
  • On-Site Mammography – Where else can you get your wellness visit along with your mammogram
  • On-Site Cosmetic surgery operative suite –   Has your gynecologist been selected by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons to complete a one year advanced Cosmetic Surgery fellowship? Didn’t think so!

These unique qualities make Innovative Women’s HealthCare Solutions clients part of an exclusive group of women who receive the best and most innovative care available from a group of providers with over 70 combined years of practice in women’s health.  The associates at Innovative truly believe in its mission:

To empower women by educating, informing, providing resources and support, thereby enabling them to make choices that will have a positive and life-long impact on their health and that of their families and communities.