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The mission of Innovative Women’s HealthCare Solutions is to educate, empower and provide resources that allow women to make positive, informed decisions that result in long-lasting lifestyle changes that benefit themselves, their families and their communities.

In keeping with the mission of Innovative Women’s HealthCare Solutions, and to satisfy our passion for outreach, Innovative In Action was founded in September 2012.

It is based on these premises:

  • Women are the central figures in the household, where health, nutrition and wellness are concerned.
  • Good habits are best started at a young age.
  • Women are the number one consumers in the household, and the therefore, play a major role in modeling healthy habits.
  • Women naturally love to learn, dialogue and share information.

For these reasons, women are the main focus of our outreach.

Innovative In Action’s Focus is Three Pronged


Innovative in Action has participated in the following outreach/educational programs:

  • For Sisters Only (FSO)
  • Bronner Brothers Hair Show
  • Ryan Cameron Foundation Annual Health Fair
  • Radio appearances on WAOK AM to educate their listening audience
  • Partnership with YMCA free mobile mammography program
  • Educational Promotion Toirs – Offering free breast exams and fibroid checks
  • Mentoring Program at select metro Atlanta Elementary and High Schools
  • Mentoring Program and Sponsor at Spelman College Health Career Program
  • Sponsor of Members and Students -we participate regularly in community and global outreach programs

Innovative in Action Goals

We are always open to partnering with schools. We target underserved areas to provide mentoring opportunities

College students are welcome at Innovative in Action. We need additional college students to accomplish this mission. It is important to involve tomorrow’s healthcare leaders today.

Engage. Educate. Empower.

To discuss Innovative in Action, please contact Alexis Thrasher at or Jheanelle at